SIFD is partially funded by a grant from the Springfield Area Arts Council.

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Highlights in the history of SIFD

1975 – the group was founded by Hedy Hoemmen, who learned folk dances as a child in her native Germany

1976 – performed German dances at a Bicentennial heritage celebration

1982 – hosted a workshop with Wilfried Knorr, Minister of Folk Dance for Germany (returned for another workshop in 1986)

1983 – hosted a workshop with Ada Dziewanowska, internationally-renowned Polish dance instructor

1988 – performed at the reopening of Lincoln’s Home

1989 – hosted a workshop with Frantisek Bonus, 18th century Eurpoean folk dance expert and choreographer of Amadeus

1989 – supported foreign language education lobbying efforts by performing Spanish dances at the Illinois State Capitol

1991 – hosted folk dance group from Leipzig in former East Germany

1992 – attended International Folk Dance Festival in Germany (also in 1994 and 1997)

1993 – hosted SADKO, a folk dance group from Novgorod, Russia

2005 – performed at the grand opening of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

2005 – participated in Springfield MUNI performances of The Sound of Music

2009 – performed at Sangamon Auditorium, UIS with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Grammy award-winning musicians from Ken Burns’ The Civil War

2010 – participated in a period ball at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Dana-Thomas House

2011 – performed Civil War era dances at Edwards Place, the home of Mary Todd Lincoln’s sister