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Costumes – Mexican

SIFD’s Mexican costumes were created with advice from a local Spanish-American organization that asked the group to learn and perform Mexican dances at Springfield’s Ethnic Festival.

Ladies’ costume – P1000594 mexico wm sm

  • Hat/Hairstyle
    • Hair worn up with flowers
  • Top
    • Embroidered white blouse
  • Bottom
    • Bright full Mexican ruffled skirt
    • Petticoats
  • Feet
    • Sheer hose
    • Black character shoes
  • Accessories
    • none

Men’s costume P1000592 mexico mn sm

  • Hat/Hairstyle
    • Sombrero (optional)
  • Top
    • White shirt
    • Black string tie
    • Bolero jacket (optional)
  • Bottom
    • Black pants
    • Red striped sash
  • Feet
    • Black socks
    • Black shoes