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SIFD has an extensive collection of costumes, which continues to grow along with the group’s dance repertoire.  Most of the costumes are made by members of the group, but some are purchased.  Typically, SIFD will choose a region of each country to give the group a uniform look, but individual style can be expressed through choice of color and placement of trims.   We strive for the costumes to look as accurate as possible with performance in mind–we use Velcro, snaps, and other modern shortcuts that are practical for dancers.

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American – Civil War Era

German (Bavaria)

German (Westphalia)









The major pattern companies (Simplicity, Butterick, McCall’s, and Burda) all have a good variety of historic costume patterns as well as modern patterns that may be adapted.  Other companies, especially Folkwear Patterns and Past Patterns, specialize in historical and ethnic costumes.


We recommend that before starting to construct a garment, it is worth the time to research and make sure your costume will be appropriate.  Researching and making costumes is a rewarding experience for those who enjoy the creative process of design and sewing.  Your local library or bookstores should contain many helpful books, and costume websites are too numerous to mention.  Another valuable resource is SIFD members who have already created costumes.  We are always happy to share what we have learned.